Energy Shockwave

This is an effect I made for the unreleased game Drosera in the Fall of 2020. It was made using Unity’s shuriken particle system. It’s related to the Electric Round effect I talked about here. The energy shockwave above is an effect that plays whenever you hit something with the player’s secondary fire. It has a couple of particle systems that create the bright impact lines as well as the ball of twisting energy at the center. The effect there is mainly done through the use of particle trails. The mass at the center is created by drawing trails between different particles which spawn in a sphere, with the trails being wider as you get closer to the center. The impact lines are also done using particle trails, but this time the trails are attached to fast moving tiny particles that shoot out from the center in a burst.

Below, you can see how this effect looks in game, alongside a chain lightning effect that I also made

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