Ellison Investigations

Description: Neon light streams in through a window, illuminating a cramped, dingy office space. Outside the window we see a sign for a hotel hanging on a brick wall, the source of the light. Two chairs face a messy desk. In the corner, there are stacks of filing cabinets, some slightly opened. Next to them we see a trashcan and a blank cork board. On the desk there are bills, an ashtray with cigarettes inside, and a coffee cup.

This is a solo project I did in late spring of 2019. I spent about six weeks on this project. In this project I focused on improving my ability to create realistic textures for objects, and on learning how to use Substance Painter to create materials. I also focused on improving my ability to craft particle effects. Everything in this scene was made by me

Time Frame: 6 weeks
Software Used: Maya 2018, Unity 2018.3, Substance Painter, Photoshop

Supporting Shots

Published by Sasha Bond-Harris

Indie game developer with a passion for particle effects, 3D art, design, and programming.

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